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28 students and 10 ventures.
The students are about to finish their first semester and are ready to do a pitch in front of an audience. I
t’s time for the 2014 Venture Pitch at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and Encubator.

Our students have spent the last semester developing their venture together with innovators and companies, while also writing their master’s thesis.

Now we offer you a chance to hear and see them present what they have done so far, and where their ventures are heading. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the next generation of start-ups emerging from Chalmers.

Join us as we celebrate the Venture Pitch 2014!

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New week and new ventures to present.
This week we start with our talented entrepreneurs Natalie and Malin who are working with their venture ALGOT.
Read more about ALGOT.

A warm welcome to Natalie and Malin.